The Black Ops Wallet-ultimate protection

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Engineering
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The BLACK OPS wallet protects against RFID skimming, which is becoming a bigger threat as more and more credit/bank cards and driver’s licenses incorporate an RFID chip. By 2015 all credit/bank cards may have this technology embedded in them.

The BLACK OPS wallet is designed to fit in any pocket, even your shirt pocket. Its minimalist design is lightweight and sturdy.

It’s available now for a limited time on Kickstarter, at below its retail price.

(in a pinch its even good for bashing zombies) Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Ash says:

    This is a very cool set. I would definitely use the credit card holder to hold my credit card knife and some extra box cutter blades for tight situations. The survival kit would be great to start small fires or to make a makeshift torch if need be. Also for repairing anything like fences, doors or other ways of keeping the zombies out. Remember it is not who has the most stuff it is who has the right stuff!!

  2. Kallecore says:

    I would put my German ID-Card inthis wallet so the goverment cant find me using the rfid-chip in my pass to force me injecting the “antivirus” which is propably the real agrresive zombievirus, so i cut trough the fence of theyr science-station using my gerber-tool and sneak in (still unseen, thanxnBlack-Ops Wallet) to find the room where they store theyr chemicals, light it with the firestarter and BOOM – Zombieapocalypse prevented – humanity saved – time for lunch.

  3. Clancy Bumstead says:

    I would use the credit card holder to hold my identification and my credit card utility tool (has a small prybar, a knife blade and a weird looking prong I have no idea what for). and with the survival multi tool, ill be prepared for a multitude of situations and will always have access to a few tools to help get the job done.

  4. Vijay Rampal says:

    I’m always looking for new survival products to review and tell people about, in either a article or word of mouth, in hope that they will take the information to heart and work on building their own disaster relief kit.

  5. Brandon Fleming says:

    I’d keep all the normal stuff, credit cards and the like, but I would also keep pictures of my lost friends and family. Because what really defines us as humans is our humanity. Without that, we’re just unturned zombies.

  6. Tom Rieker says:

    I would disassemble the wallet and sharpen the ends of the face plates into blades. I would then affix the blades with the rubber rings end to end onto the Bear Grylls Multi-tool to make a chopping weapon. This would also serve as a shortened makeshift hatchet for bugging out in the wilderness to avoid the undead hordes.

  7. Dale A says:

    As a survivor of two previous Zed outbreaks (Mexico City, 2003 and Victoria, B.C. 2007) I can tell you those tools are very useful. The first thing I remember that happened in in the first outbreak was rounding up of the possibly infected people. It was hell. There was shoving and screaming, everything stank, and the look of fear in people haunts me to this day. The military was using handheld scanners of some type on us to determine identity – and if we worked at gov’t test labs (I did). We didn’t know at the time, but that is where the first outbreaks were. So we started wrapping credit cards and id’s in tinfoil to protect our identities. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t and they just started shooting. It would have been nice to have a card protector like the one above. I got out of there and moved to Canada where I thought I would be safe. The second outbreak was as much of a surprise. I was heading home and got the news that another breakout had occurred in the city. The crawling horror of another Zed outbreak caught me like a sucker punch from a prizefighter. With no supplies, I turned my car around and headed towards the deepest woods to wait the devastation out. I had to ditch the car after it ran out of gas and spend a long cold weekend wandering and scrounging until I found an abandoned cabin and spent six weeks living primitively, and waiting, just waiting. I had to improvise the crudest of tools to survive and I often wished I had even a simple survival kit. I remember beating a can of beans against a rock and crying because I didn’t even have a can opener. The BG survival kit would have made a miserable experience into a merely uncomfortable one. So keep alert folks, we are due for another outbreak, and soon.

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