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Posted: March 11, 2014 in action, post apocalyptic
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Lately I’ve gotten to be a big Walking Dead fan. How big? Well, after my daughter introduced me to the series by sharing the first episode of season 1 with me, I began watching all the season 1 episodes. Then I began watching Season 2. I was hooked and wanted to start watching the new shows, so I did a Walking Dead marathon and watched all of the old shows-season 3 and season 4-to prevent the new episodes from spoiling the story line of the past episodes. Now I anxiously await each new episode on Sunday nights, just like the other fans.

What makes the series so intriguing? The excellent story lines that depict the interpersonal relationships between a mixed group of people in an extraordinary environment. Each character has a back story, but we have to wait to find out just what it is, which leads to a sense of mystery. There is a clearly defined goal in each of their lives-survival. There are different ways to achieve that goal, but they often come at a cost, either a moral cost or a personal cost. This creates an endless variety of dilemmas for the characters to overcome and leaves the audience imagining what they would do in such a situation. We find ourselves relating to characters that demonstrate our own values.

The other element of the show that creates a sense of intrigue is the constant loss of main characters. There is never any assurance that any one character will survive to the next week. Unlike many series that have come before, there is no group of central characters that are essential in carrying the series. Even the actors don’t know if their characters will survive from one episode to the next.

The Walking Dead embodies all the great traits of a zombie classic along with great character portrayal and excellent story telling.

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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    I’ve really enjoyed season 4, think its great how the series takes elements from the comics and adds its own distinct twist to the stories and characters. You just never know what to expect next in this series and the cast is brilliant.

  2. I think the cast is excellent. I have my favorites, but I enjoy them all.

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