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I always admired the writings of classic science fiction authors. They took today’s technology and scientific understanding and then asked, “What if?” What if nuclear fusion can provide boundless energy? What if faster than light travel becomes possible? What happens when humans encounter advanced alien civilizations? What will aliens look like? What if aliens are advanced computers, robots, androids, or mechanical steam punk kinda contraptions? The future possibilities are limitless and the stories that take us there broaden our perception of ourselves and mankind.

I enjoy this type of science fiction based on science. I enjoy a fast paced story that does not bog down in details or deep irrelevant personal histories of characters that go on and on at the expense of the story’s action. I do enjoy getting to know the characters and feeling connected to them, either loving them or hating them and hoping the bad guy gets just what he deserves, but too many novels lose my interest because of too much detail.

These are my goals then in writing science fiction: action, believable characters, believable science, and just plain fun.

cover hardback2 2012 Lunar Contact was my first full length sci-fi novel and the first book in the trilogy. It involves a shuttle crew that gets swept up into an interplanetary war between an artificial intelligence and alien organic life forms. The crew of the Atlantis must overcome their own problems between crew members and secure an alien space craft to insure their own survival and that of the Earth.

Enemy Contact, Jason and the crew have to deal with more than just the aliens. In the second book of the best selling science fiction series, Enemy Contact, the crew encounters new challenges to overcome and new characters are added. The crew discovers cloning does not always have predictable results.

 Final Contact

  In, Final Contact, the crew must implement their solution to fighting an overwhelming force called the Unity. The Unity is a computer intelligence that is spreading throughout the galaxy devouring planets and their resources in its quest for ultimate knowledge. The crew must use their only advantage, creativity, to win their desperate battle and return to Earth. But can they hope to win? Will they ever see Earth again? Will the Earth they knew still be there? This is the third book in the science fiction series. All three ebooks have been on the best selling science fiction list on Amazon.

All ebooks are available on Amazon for the Kindle reader. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


The Sands of Calysto is a coming of age story about a young man that has traveled to a planet on the edge of human galactic civilization. It’s a harsh environment that can make you rich or make you dead. He soon finds himself surrounded by greed and deception.


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